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5 Apps to Ensure Car Safety

As modern technology moves forward at a great pace, new cars come with more and more safety features included but as well as those built in to the car, there are also many new safety apps on the market which drivers can download on their own phones to help enhance their driving skills.

There are apps which monitor driver behaviour which are particularly useful for young drivers; enabling parents to keep an eye on any bad habits which they might start to pick up, and some even help to lower insurance costs if you can prove good driving via the app.

The folks over at gave us their top five apps which can help to ensure car safety on the road. Here they are:

1. The SafeDrive App

SafeDrive is an app which makes safe driving a game. Every time you don’t use your phone while on the road, you get points. You start the app when you start driving and it monitors how often you touch your phone while driving. At the end of the journey it gives your points and you can use these to secure discounts.

2. The Milz App

Milz is a new version of SafeDrive and is aimed specifically at teenage drivers. Instead of points and discounts, youngsters download the app and ask their family to sponsor their good driving. Via the app the adults will contribute a certain amount of money for every mile of good driving.

That way, the teenager can clock up a nice sum of money at the end of the day as a reward for good driving. It’s a great incentive for youngsters, giving them something tangible in return for their responsible driving and can show them a real benefit to good driving outside of the obvious.

3. The Canary App

This is another app which can help parents to monitor the driving behaviour of their teenagers as it sends alerts to the parents if the teen uses their phone while behind the wheel. It lets you know as soon as they unlock the phone.

With this app you can also set alerts for if they break the speed limit, or if they drive outside of a certain geographical area, making it great for knowing exactly where your teenager is, particularly if they are prone to sneaking out of the house at night.

4. The App

This app will read out any text messages or emails to you, and will automatically respond to them with a message to say you are driving at the moment and will get back to them soon. It’s perfect for people who can’t resist trying to check messages when driving.

It’s not so much about the car but about avoiding that temptation to check your phone, while still knowing what messages and emails have come in, so if there is anything urgent, you can pull over safely to answer it without putting yourself and others at risk on the road.

5. The Flo Driving Insights App

Flo provides feedback on how you are driving, live as you travel. It has automatic trip recording so you always have a record of where you have been and it gives a score for your driving covering accelerating, braking, cornering etc.… In some cases, if you manage to get a high score with Flo you can get a discount from your insurance company.

Flo helps you improve your driving as you do it, making it a great learning tool for drivers and the offer of the insurance discount helps to bring home the fact the safe and good driving really does pay off.

Bonus App – Driving 101

I know we said five in the title but here is an extra one as an added bonus as Driving 101 is completely different to all of the other apps we have mentioned. This one provides a daily news update on driving safety tips.

Every day you can receive fresh advice for safe driving, defensive driving as well as car maintenance advice and seasonal advice for driving in the winter, for example. It’s a really informative app which provides information of great value.

While it doesn’t hold much in the way of entertainment value it provides some really useful insights and information which could help you to improve your everyday driving skills so is definitely one worth downloading.

If you want to improve your car safety while on the road, or help your teenage son or daughter to improve their driving safety skills, then make sure you have these five apps downloaded on your phone.

There are many more apps out there of course, but these five are at the top of our list for helping to ensure car safety, particularly for the younger, more inexperienced drivers who are those more likely to have an accident in the first place.

Author Bio:- James is a freelance writer who specializes in motoring and automotive field. He writes for and when he is not filling a blank page on his laptop he spends his free time hanging out in his local coffee shop reading the latest Stephen King book.

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