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6 Tips On How To Choose A Used Car Online

Buying a car is no picnic. Everything depends upon the attitude though and money in the pocket. When it comes to buying a used car, it is even dangerous. The used car is always a pig in a poke. Despite the description and type, one might get a malfunctioning car, a battered car or even stolen one. However, many may be excluded while watching through the advertisements. The only thing required is being attentive.

1. Draft search request literately

In order not to spend time and efforts in vain, one should decide on what to buy and how much money is available for spending to the extend. To get distracted on many similar ones is not worth of it. If you need a Sedan, buy a Sedan only. If you need a manual transmission, look for “with MCP only”. In a perfect world, of course, by the time a request is drafted one should imagine clearly, a car of what model and brand is assumed to be bought. If you need a Renault Logan, it means that you should look after Renault Sedan but not a Clio Symbol, Polo Sedan or Sandero in order to top it off. Keep in mind that even the best-looking used car is going to require some expenses.

However you slice it, you will have to pay off at least some small expenses on new wind shield wipers, dust covers, bushes, screws, new wires, polishing, dry-cleaning, and, perhaps, on something more serious. Which is why it is better to save 10-15% of the planned car purchase and not to spend to the last penny. Just in case, as practice shows, with used cars happens regularly.

2. Put aside the cheapest and the most expensive options

A price for a car is the most abstract value in the advertisement because a person always want to buy what is cheaper and to sell for a bigger price. A tag with a price on it always shows not a price for a car but what a seller wishes to get. Therefore, one should determine an average price among the offered options and orient oneself on ads, the range of which is different from it within 20%. Too cheap proposals with the same characteristics cause some huge doubts. Expensive ones though show wrong expectations.

3. Compare year and mileage

Mileage of a car is another tricky parameter to orient oneself is difficult. Almost everyone who bears upon buy/sell of cars beginning from owner-drivers and ending with official dealers “twist” a speedometer.

Still some conclusions are to be made before going to look after a car. One should remember in the first place that mileages depend on the size of a city through which a car was driven.

Thus, if a car is five old, its kilometrage is most likely over hundreds of thousands. Accordingly if you see an advertisement of a car for the year made 2008-2009 with a 35 000 – 40 000 km mileage, one should think over originality of this data.

4. Analyze a category of a car popularity

Exceptions, of course, are always there. Which is why, apart from a kilometrage, one should pay attention to a brand of a car and its model and its popularity among this or that group of drivers.

In particular, popular among women cars may truly have little mileage. But cars for women have another problem, namely weight of small touring damages. Even totally new cars may be battered, scratched, rubbed from all sides and, as a result, re-painted a few times.

Here is another example: Renault Logan, Chevrolet Lacetti, Hyundai Accent, Peugeot Partner, Volkswagen Caddy, are extremely popular among local taxi drivers, have a mileage, which goes beyond 100 thousand for a year. Thus, choosing one of the models above, a chance to get such a used car rapidly grows. By the way, majority of Mercedes driven from Germany with huge mileage, made at the border.

One should take into account ratings of steal ability, where Japanese cars happen to be more often than not. Such cars as BMW X5, have not only problems with documents but also holes in their cargo areas being hidden of a caliber 7,62…


5. Look through the pictures attentively

We make a choice with eyes in the first place which is why practically two-thirds of information on a car is available based on posted pictures. One should be highly attentive looking through them and the main thing is to be able to see what is needed in them.

Advertisements without pictures are to be put aside at once. To spend time calling to ask about an abstract car is to spend time in vain: what kind of a seller is that who does not care about his own car presentation? Advertisements with unclear pictures shot at night let alone where a car is seen partly only go to a trash bin for the same reason.

The pictures should be of a decent quality, of a required number and so there rust and other damages could be seen.

For example, if a tint of the color of bumper or other part of a car is different from the main color, it means that the part mentioned above was re-painted. If it is so, it was most likely re-newed after road traffic accident.

In accordance with the pictures of a car`s saloon, it is easy to define how attentively and carefully the previous host treated the car let alone the marks of the car traffic accident.

The season of a year takes part just as well. It is extremely suspicious if there are photos taken in winter posted in the advertisement for July. There is either something wrong with it that it is still for sale or something could happen with it during half a year.

6. Learn the description of a car

Read a description of a car if there is any in the advertisement. By the way, if there is no description or there is a phrase like “please feel free to contact us with any questions” speaks a lot too. A person who has nothing to hide and who really want to sell his car should leave as much information as possible so a potential customer could make a call with one aim only – to arrange a meeting.

Accordingly, there should be specifics in description. No general phrases like “the car is awesome, come and drive, on my mama”. Clear constructive information only.

Author Bio :- Melisa Marzett working for is brilliant at writing articles and guest posts. She has what it takes to provide with a well-written unique content whatever the topic is. She is curious by nature, fond of reading and exchanging let alone sharing the experience.

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