Here’are Simple Car Care Tips

The investment on a car forms a significant part of the personal investment of a household be it a new car or a used care. There has been a great increase in the cars owned by households in recent times. Once you buy a car from your savings you have collected with your hard work you surely don not want to spend recurrently on the car maintenance. If not taken proper care of the maintenance of cars can indeed suck your blood and make you repent buying one. Just like human beings require care to stay healthy so does the car. Here are a few simple car care tips to keep your car running in a health manner rather than pleading for maintenance making you spend again and again.

Wash off the dirt at regular intervals –

It’s very important that you wash your car at regular intervals, let’s say once a week. Washing your car would keep it shiny, clean and free from corrosion.

Drive with care –

You need to be very careful about your car’s health as you drive. Do no accelerate while starting up as this may lead to severe wear and tear of engine hampering the car’s performance egregiously.

Wax –

A wax makes a car shine and look new but there is more to it. The wax layer acts as a protective layer for your car saving its paint job by slowing the process of oxidation.

 Shades are the best place to park –

If you would park in the shade your car would be protected by interior damage caused by the UV rays of the sun and also your car’s paint job would shine for a longer duration.

Change the filter and engine oil on a regular basis –

It is important that you change your car’s engine oil and filter at regular intervals. Frequent oil changes flush the dirt and metal particles in the engine hence prolonging its life.

Take care of the tyres –

To have a smooth drive and assure a nice grip on the road you need to be careful about your tyres.

Keep the spark plugs clean –

To ensure good engine performance and high fuel efficiency its highly recommended that you change your car’s spark plugs after every 50000 kilometres.

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