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Car Checklist to Follow Before Embarking on A Long Road Trip

Road trips are fun, adventurous and memorable. But that experience could quickly turn into a nightmare if your car breaks down and you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Not only your time is wasted but it is also dangerous to your safety. You never know where the danger comes, especially when you and your group are alone and vulnerable.

So, before drawing a haunting image in your mind, you can avoid these situations by taking care of your car before you embark on a road trip. But what care should you take? Here is the checklist you can follow next time you take a long road trip:

  • Fill the engine with the right oil

Your engine works continuously when you are driving for a long time. So, ensure that you are filling it with heavier or high-viscosity oil.  As high temperatures are produced while driving, the right engine oil gives enough resistance to withstand the damage that may occur from extreme heat.

  • Don’t forget to check the battery date

Even your battery is damaged due to the heat produced during the long drive of the car. Many of you might think that only cold weather damages the battery but an equally high temperature to affects the battery. So, to avoid having battery damage, ensure that the battery is tested.

  • Keep your tires inflated and carry a spare

Tires are the running source of your car. Fill it with the right amount of pressure and keep them nicely inflated. Check the tires’ pressure beforehand as you can save some time on the day of the journey.

Also, carry a spare tire or tires depending on the amount of distance you are traveling.

  • Put an emergency and first aid kit

Falling sick in the middle of the journey hampers everyone’s mood. Carry a first aid with all the basic medication like for flu, cold, headache. Store bandages, ointments, etc to treat scratches immediately.

  • Wash your car (both interiors and exteriors)

You should ensure that you wash the car and keep it clean on the day of your journey. Keep a trash bag inside and change the air freshener. Wipe clean your mirrors and windshields and make sure that you are comfortable driving in the car.

  • Carry a paper map of the places you’re traveling

Though we have advanced technology, it’s useless when your phone is dead or out of signal. So, carry a paper map of the places you are covering on your road trip. It can come in handy when there’s an emergency or you are stuck somewhere with no access to the outside world.

  • Fill the fuel tank on the previous day

Don’t stall filling your tank to the day you are traveling. You can save those extra 15 minutes’ time by filling it on the previous day. You can hit the road sooner without having to stop anywhere.

  • Get your car checked by a professional

Have a comprehensive car check by an expert car mechanic and eliminate or resolve any hidden issues that are in your car. Check the air conditioning, brake and clutch system, transmission, steering wheel, etc or any other part that could cause problems on the road.

  • Carry all the relevant documents and proofs

Never forget the documents like license, insurance, roadworthy certificate, and other documents that prove the legality of you and your car. You don’t want to face problems during a road trip because you forget carrying some pieces of paper.

  • Have an idea of the route in your mind

If you are the person who is driving, remember the route and landmark some important places. It will give you an idea of the places where you can shop, eat and rest, etc during the road trip. As you drive along the unfamiliar roads, it’s better if you mark the important places beforehand. Also, tell your traveling group to familiarise themselves with the route so that they remind you while you drive.

  • Check whether all the lights are working

Are you driving at night time? See that the headlights, fog lights, indicator lights, emergency lights are working properly. They are the most important to show you the paths at night time. It highly decreases the chances of bumping into other vehicles or objects.

The Bottom Line

You are ready for the road trip only when your car is ready. You can enjoy the trip when your car is capable of taking you anywhere you want. Make sure to keep it in the top condition by an expert car service mechanic. So, without neglecting, start preparing your car for your next road trip.


Author Bio: Erika Rhein, a professional writer, and blogger by profession. She writes on various niches; however, prioritize writing on tips and checklists related to car servicing and maintenance. She always strives to provide users with useful and informative articles in a readable format.

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