Detailing Your Car- Here Are the Best Tips

In order to detail your car you need to follow some tips. There are many times when you wash your car but the scratches remain and you are not satisfied with the job. It is good to follow the below mentioned tips for car detailing

You can restore car headlights with Toothpaste

  • In order to restore your car’s foggy headlights you can use your toothpaste.

Always save your car paint

  • Whenever you clean your car yourself make sure that you don’t move your hand in circular motion as it can cause scratches that are not easily removable.

Do not use Dish Soap while washing your car

  • Whenever you try to wash your car yourself make sure that you don’t use the dish soap. There are many special foam based soaps that are available.

It is always good to use a Foam Gun

  • Foam Guns are an perfect to wash your car and make it look like new.

Remove that belt

  • Though it looks odd but the fact is that accessories are the major cause for detailing mishap.

Adopt a two-bucket system

  • It is always good to use different buckets while doing the wheel cleaning and body cleaning.

Always wash your car under the shade

  • The sun causes the permanent drying of the soap and the water and hence it is good to wash your car under the shade.

Always wear gloves

  • Most of the automobile experts suggest that you should wear gloves while washing your car.

Always Blow drive before washing your car

  • It is good because all the dust particles are removed which are mainly responsible for scratches.

Steam like an expert

  • While steaming your car use the nozzle system and do the perfect setting.

Pick the right Pad

  • It is good to use the appropriate pad and grit for the cleaning job.

Work your way up

It is good to start from the least complex places and then as gradually you move up try to explore the complicated parts.

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