Guide To Maintain Your Car In Perfect Condition

Maintaining your car is one of the essential factors that help to experience a smooth ride on the road. Most of the people spend a lot of time on the car maintenance, but here the list of car maintenance tips can be provided to keep your car in good condition forever. These tips can help you keep your car running in peak condition. The windshield repair advice also plays an important role in vehicle maintenance. Taking professional advice is help you to take better care of your car without any complications.
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Tyre Pressure:

To keep your can in good condition you must check tyre pressure, at the same time you should check spare at least once a week.  Even you should control the tyre pressures results in optimized braking, grip, handling, etc. usually, the low tyre pressure will increase car’s fuel consumption, as well as this also increase a risk of tyre failure.  In many cases, high tyre pressure also lead many problems like

  1. Diminished grip,
  2. Reduce stability in braking
  3. Cornering
  4. Increase the risk of tyre damage

You need to check the pressure on tyres when they are cold. Usually, the over-inflation will results in an uncomfortable ride this will impact cost.

Flat Tyre

In general, changing a flat tyre can be a very dangerous; it is safe to turn the wheel as well as you just remove the spare wheel from the boot of your car.

 Change Engine Oil

Changing engine oil is highly significant because oil lubricates plays important role in your car maintenance, it will cleans and cools your car’s engine. So you need to put enough oil to your engine this will help to reduce serious risk of damage. You need to put amount of oil an engine based on the following factor like

  • Engine type
  • Amount of Wear
  • Driving style

At the same time never add too much oil because this will lead excess pressure and cause oil leaks. Always check engine oil levels it is important to keep an engine in cold condition. At regular it is important to replace with new or unused oil.

  • Along with this you need to follow the below-mentioned factors
  • Always check that you have enough fuel to enjoy the journey
  • Regularly check all lights, brake lights, and indicators before the journey
  • It is important to check the levels of your engine coolant and washer fluid.
  • Periodically you need to check horn, wipers
  • Make sure about the tyres are fit for purpose

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  • Check Engine Coolant and Shock Absorbers

Engine coolant plays the important role, and it helps remove excess heat from your car’s engine. So you must check your coolant levels before a long journey.  Along with this you must check your car’s shock absorbers

 Make sure about Brake Fluid Levels

Your car’s braking system is important role, and it is complex, so you need to check it at every 10,000 miles.

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