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Hiring Limousine Service: 4 Etiquette Rules to Know

Wedding, attending a prom, arranging a bachelor party for a friend or heading to attend a corporate event – hiring the limousine service on occasions like these has become almost a trending thing today. Well, hiring a limo car service is not like other car rental services. There are some etiquettes that you need to know before riding a limo car. Read on to know more about it.

1. Respect your chauffeur

The first and the foremost thing that you should keep in your mind is to respect your chauffeur. Yelling at your chauffeur is definitely not under the etiquettes. Also, you cannot ask your driver to get involved in illegal activities like speeding or passing in unsafe areas. If you are having any issue with the limousine, instead of yelling at your chauffeur you can immediately call the limousine service provider. It is advisable not to agitate the driver as it would become difficult for the driver to concentrate on driving and navigating through the traffic.

It is obviously okay to talk to your chauffeur but expecting him/her to strike up a conversation would not be a great idea. Their job role is only to give you respect and be polite while driving you from one place to another without interfering in your business.

2. Get in and out of the limo properly

Well, yes! You cannot get in and out of a limousine car just like that. You need to do it properly maintaining the etiquette. First, let your chauffeur open the limo door for you. Next, you need to slide into the first available seat. Now, you can swing your legs inside. Until you have reached your seat, slide along the seats. The same procedure needs to be followed while getting out of the limo. Thus, the last person to enter the limo will get out first.

3. Tip your chauffeur

For providing you an excellent service as a reward, it is advisable to tip your chauffeur. Most of the times, passengers face the dilemma as regards the amount to be paid as a tip. Well, usually, 15 to 20 percent of the total bill can be paid as a tip.

4. Mind your manners

Luxurious cars like limousines come with ineffable comfortable sitting arrangements, alcohol along with other luxury amenities. Now, you should keep in mind that partying, enjoying – everything is okay but you should not get so drunk that you start screaming, cursing and doing things that can cause trouble to others. You should not use any illegal drug in it.

You should treat a limousine car better than your owned car. You should not forget the fact that just like you have hired the limousine service, someone else is going to hire it as well after you. Hence, maintaining the hygiene and leaving the car in a neat and clean state is definitely a part of the etiquette rules to follow while hiring and riding a limousine car. Just like you found the car in its best condition, leave it in the same condition for the next client.


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