Learn the Top Benefits of an Oil Change

One of the most basic parts of car maintenance is getting an oil change every three months or every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. The frequency is relatively high, but luckily, the cost is relatively low. Depending on your car and where you go for services, the oil that you need for your vehicle’s engine can be about the price of filling up your tank.

But why does it need to be changed so often?

In short, having regular oil change Columbus Ohio will help maintain the performance of your engine, and keep it running better for longer. It’s important for the longevity of your vehicle that you bring it in for oil changes. If it goes ignored for too long, the damage to the engine can end up costing you much more money down the road when serious issues arise.

All of the engine parts are moving, rubbing against each other, and require lubrication. Without the proper amount of oil, these parts will rub against each other, cause friction, and wear down. Ultimately, this damages the engine, which is why not changing the oil often enough will cause more—and expensive—problems in the future.

So, what oil do I use when I go for an oil change?

The answer to this depends on the age, mileage, and brand of your vehicle; the first thing to do when deciding what oil, you need is to refer to your owners’ manual to determine what’s best.

Full synthetic or semi-synthetic oils are usually made for high-tech engines that you might find in an SUV or a new luxury vehicle. They are harder to break down and will protect your car’s engine from a variety of conditions. Full synthetic oils are more expensive than blends and organic oils, but flow better at lower temperatures and keep engines running smoother at high temperatures.

On the other hand, organic oils cost less and are probably more suited for older vehicles with high mileage. If your vehicle’s mileage is past 100,000 miles, your mechanic or owners’ manual may suggest organic oils that are formulated for higher mileage vehicles.

Is there anything else I need to know about oil changes?

Most people overlook their oil filter. The oil filter is especially important because it prevents small debris and metal shavings from entering the engine and impacting the performance. It’s highly recommended that you replace the oil filter every time you get an oil change, or at the very least, every other oil change.

If you’ve brought your vehicle into a shop for an oil change in the past, they might have asked you if you’re interested in replacing the oil filter. Some people may think this is just an upsell to bring their checkout total to a higher amount, but it is worth it to spend the extra money on an oil filter every change or every other change. Otherwise, your engine damage may end up costing you more than a few oil filters throughout the year would.

Are you looking for an oil change in Columbus, Ohio?

When you choose which shop to take your vehicle into for routine maintenance, pick a business that can do everything your car needs to stay high-performing and road safe. Oil changes are pretty routine, but it’s best to have car experts that understand the ins and outs of a variety of engines and can make diagnostic decisions pertaining to the services you need. It would even help your wallet if you found a business that offers oil change coupons to their Columbus, Ohio customers to reduce the costs, but keep you as a loyal customer.

Author bio:  At Ron’s Express, we’re determined to give your vehicle the best auto detailing and car wash in Columbus, Ohio. We pride ourselves on affordable options for car care so that everyone can have the engine and vehicle maintenance they need, while also offering top-of-the-line services and maintenance for high-caliber vehicles.

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